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5 Mar

COMO Maalifushi

**A version of this travel piece appeared in Harper's Bazaar Interiors Magazine** Rub your eyes and open them wide. Sand made of sugar, swaying palm trees and a hundred shades of blue? This is the place where those cliches come alive: welcome to the Maldives. True, the colors are so vibrant that it looks like an Instagram filter has been applied directly to real life (Juno, to be specific). But with so many beautiful hotels and beaches around the world, what exactly is it that lures people to the islands? And how do you decide where to stay when every hotel looks postcard-perfect? You could spend hours doing research and asking friends, or you could save yourself time and choose the name that...
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19 Feb

Hotel Design Secret de Paris

Paris, the city of love! The hotel you choose - and there's so much choice - can affect the quality of your stay. So when I had a work trip and had to find a hotel in the 9th Arrondissement, near the Moulin Rouge, I was worried because the area can be a little sketchy at night. I did my research and found this hidden gem: Hotel Design Secret de Paris. Design aficionados rejoice! This hot spot is a destination all on its own. Every room in the hotel has a different theme related to Paris: Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge, Musee D'Orsay, Opera Garnier...
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5 Feb

The Prestige Hotel

The Prestige Hotel in Budapest, Hungary is reviewed for us by beauty expert extraordinaire Eileen Lee-Connor! Check out her fantastic blog Eileen Edit. Once again I was lucky to come across an affordable boutique treasure in the heart of historic Budapest with the Prestige Hotel. It doesn’t look very modern from the street - just your average pretty 19th century classic all-white town house. The moment you step into the expansive atrium converted from a courtyard, you realize how truly special this place is. The Welcome Lobbies can say a lot about how the designers intend for a visitor's mood to be set so the quirkiness struck me right away with oversized tassels hanging off the arms of couches, glittery silver mosaic tiles weaving...
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24 Jan

Grand Forest Metsovo

Reviewed for Holidays in Heels by entrepreneur Christianna Kontou! When you think about planning a trip to Greece, you immediately jump to the summer and plan a fabulous island extravaganza, brimming with sunlight, the Aegean or Ionian Sea and amazing eats. Few, however, will think about a fall or winter getaway, and even fewer have experienced the natural beauty of the country’s mountainous regions. Hospitality, culture, nature and great gastronomy are ubiquitous to the country and anyone who has had the chance to enjoy such purity, combined with luxurious accommodations, always comes back for more. The Grand Forest Metsovo embodies all of this, nestled amid the trees and the mountain tops, sitting high at 1,350 meters, with a panoramic view of...
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3 Jan

Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi

Welcome to the future. Inside and out, this unique hotel looks like a spaceship that landed in the middle of the desert. It's half on water, half on land, and 100% futuristic in design. There's a breathtaking glass structure that blankets the two main buildings of the hotel, overlooking the Formula 1 circuit where cars zoom by during the season. With the lighting, it looks magical. I visited over New Year's Eve to take advantage of the proximity to the Yas Arena where Coldplay performed one of the best concerts I'd ever been to. The hotel provided a 5 minute shuttle service to and from the arena, which made my sore feet happy after hours of dancing. And every time we...
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29 Dec

Grand Millenium Hotel

This unassuming hotel tucked into Barsha Heights, between Mall of the Emirates and the Dubai Marina, has secrets to share. They all revolve around one thing: having one of the best nights out on the town. Enter Lucky Voice Dubai. When I was invited to try the karaoke bar import from London's Soho, I was actually really nervous to sing in public, outside of a shower or my car, for the first time. I'd been to plenty of karaoke bars before and somehow always managed to avoid singing. But how can I blog about an experience without doing it? *gulp* The Band Here's where I was in for a surprise: Lucky Voice Dubai is so much more than a karaoke bar. It's 10,000 square feet...
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22 Dec

The Andaman Resort

Reviewed for Holidays in Heels by lovely beauty blogger Eileen Lee-Conner of Eileen Edit! Traveling with an infant son was never meant to be easy. All I wanted from my post baby-delivery Christmas break was to establish our own holiday tradition where my new little family could relax and enjoy a season of “firsts”. According to nearly all my research for an affordable lush background that was kid-friendly and not too hard to get to, the Andaman got high mark for family vacations. It is located in the tranquil Datai Bay with beautiful Lankawi island in Malaysia and has its own coral reef surrounded by an ancient rainforest and topped with a world-class spa rated by Harper’s Bazaar. It’s also part of the Starwood...
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13 Dec

Chenot Palace

The Chenot Palace in Azerbaijan is the perfect getaway from our busy lives in Dubai dominated by skyscrapers, laptops and buzzing cell phones. There's something magical about this hideaway, just 2.5 hours away from Dubai, that is not yet overrun by tourists. It has that same lush greenery and cooler climes that have beckoned travelers to popular parts of Asia. We're in for a real treat as we discover Azerbaijan's natural beauty with the gorgeous luxury blogger Amanda Rushforth of The Bikini Society! The Welcome There amid the greenery stands a modern hotel where, upon entering, you're greeted with wooden design features and the scent of burning logs that stir up memories of Christmas. The interior is sleek and a beautiful complement to...
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